Name: Phoenix
Price: 100.00 USD

The Phoenix rank is the latest rank available on Gemcraft, It provides you with more special perks, cosmetics and commands whilst including all the perks from lower ranks. 

This rank Includes the Artmap Perk. Scroll to the bottom to find out more!

⬤ Kits:
     ● Kit Phoenix| Use "/kitpreview Phoenix" to view the kit. [14 Day Cooldown]

⬤ Perks:
     ● In-Game Tag & Rank on Discord (/discord link)
     ● 25 Homes 
     ● 4 Player Warps
     ● 8 Auctions at once
     ● Sit Anywhere
     ● Sign Edit | Shift & Right Click a sign to edit its text!
     Ability to change your entire nickname.
     ● All Colours & Formats on Signs (Includes Hex Colours.)
     ● HEX Colours in chat. (Use gradients & Hex Colours in the chat.)
     ● Shulker Backpacks Simply shift & Right click whilst holding a shulker to open it.
     ● All Parrot Colours - Get yourself a pet parrot!

⬤ Commands:
     ● /hat | Place any item on to your head.
     ● /near | See nearby players
     ● /tptoggle | Disable or Enable teleport requests
     ● /seen | View when a player last joined the server
     ● /sell hand | Sells the items in your hand
     ● /ender | Open your Enderchest
     ● /sit | Sit down where you are
     ● /craft | Open a virtual crafting table
     ● /dispose | Open a gui to get rid of items
     ● /sc | Sign Copy - Copy text off of one sign to others easily!
     ● /nv | Toggle NightVision
     ● /shoot | Shoot a fireball- Maybe its just magic?!
     ● /anvil | Opens a virtual Anvil
     ● /toggleshiftedit | Toggles the ability to use Sign Edit
     ● /feed | Fulfil you need for food. [10 minute cooldown]
     ● /nick | Change your name in chat. 
     ● /se | Edit the text on signs using a command. (Useful for using hex colours on signs)
     ● /pweather | Change your personal weather.
     ● /back | Return to your last location.
     ● /fix hand | Fix the item in your hand. [2 minute cooldown]
     ● /fix all | Fix all the items in your inventory [30 minute cooldown]
     ● /ptime | Change your personal time of day.
     ● /armourstand | Edit armourstands using a neat GUI. (Limb Positions, Items & More!)
     ● /heal | Heal your wounds! [15 minute cooldown]~
     ● /heads | Access to all of the heads in /heads
     ● /glow | Pick a colour for your player to glow.
     ● /point | Uses particles to point to a block.

ARTMAP - Allows you to set up a canvas and use dyes to create an image. These can be used to decorate as they can be placed in item frames.

This can be used to create almost anything. You can use /art to view all the tools you can use to help you draw and all the different colours you can use.