Name: Yeti
Price: 10.00 USD

The Yeti rank is the second rank available on GemcraftMC, It provides you with more special perks, cosmetics and commands.

⬤ Kits:
     ● Kit Yeti | Use "/kitpreview Yeti" to view the kit. [14 Day Cooldown]

⬤ Perks:
     ● In-Game Tag & Rank on Discord (/discord link)
     ● 9 Homes
     ● 2 Player Warps
     ● 4 Auctions at once
     ● Sit Anywhere
Change the Colour & Format of your Name

⬤ Commands:
     ● /hat | Place any item on to your head.
     ● /near | See nearby players
     ● /tptoggle | Disable or Enable teleport requests

     ● /seen | View when a player last joined the server

     ● /sell hand | Sells the items in your hand
     ● /ender | Open your Enderchest
     ● /sit | Sit down where you are
     ● /craft | Open a virtual crafting table
/dispose | Open a gui to get rid of items
     ● /sc | Sign Copy - Copy text off of one sign to others easily!
     ● /nick | Edit your name colours & format. (Can not alter actual name!)*
* Your name must be the same as your original name, however you may change the colours using minecraft    colour & formatting codes. (/colors or /colorlimits)

If your name is "CodeIndent", you may not change the name, however you can change the colours & formatting.